Friday, 15 September 2017

Fountain visits and knitting while you walk!

 A new twist on "Whistle while you work"!

Gilray Fountain or "Spirit of Napier"

Miss A has a plan to visit every fountain in our city - and there are a lot of them!

Monday's visit was to the Gilray Fountain/Spirit of Napier, an Art Deco-inspired fountain on the waterfront. For a 3-year-old, "visit" is really a euphemism for "play in", so Miss A and Pineapple Pup played in the fountain while I followed behind, knitting.

Pineapple Pup is a pull-along plastic dog toy that I loved as a little girl. He's bright yellow (thus the name) and he moves along on a ball that has eyes painted on it, giving him a rather droll look as they eyes roll round and round.

Miss A about to give Pineapple Pup a swim
Miss A adores him and says he loves swimming in fountains, a fact I didn't know as a kid - which is just as well, because there were no fountains where Pineapple Pup and I grew up.

Once he has swum a few circuits of any fountain, pulled along by his string leash, his body fills up with water. Miss A has enormous fun "drawing" with the water on the sun-warmed concrete as it trickles out through a hole in his tail.

All the while, I "click, click, click" along behind with my knitting, offering encouraging remarks and fielding questions (like "Mama, do you think that lady on the top of the fountain is doing her exer'ises?").

"Drawing" with water on sun-warmed concrete

Fountain spray

An azure spring day at the fountain

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