Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Finding "Me Time" when there's simply "No Time"

Being "Mama" to a very busy, fascinating 3-year-old hasn't left much time of late for me as "Meg", a person in my own right. Most of my time and focus has been spent being "Mama", and rightly so I guess.

Tea Party: fine china &hats compulsory. Bib optional.
In my childless life, before the miraculous Miss A entered the world, I would easily spend all afternoon in the garden, an entire evening knitting, a whole morning embroidering with friends. Having my hands busy with some creative project, whether in the soil of the garden or wielding a paintbrush, needle, knitting needles, etc, was a way of replenishing my Creative Energy.

Of late, my "Mama" focus has taken over every day life to the point where I have lost touch with much of that Creative Energy, and with the thoughts and processes that essentially make up my "Meggishness". That is a shame, because I think it is probably my "Meggishness" that makes me more fun as a Mama.

Miss A recently made the apparently thrilling discovery that I have a name other than "Mama". She was so entranced by this epiphany that she spent a whole day calling me "Meg", "Meggy", "Meggles", and other jaunty derivatives.

I, in turn, realised that it is high time I got back in touch with that "Meg-person". She sounded fun!

Stitched postcard: New Plymouth, New Zealand - Paritutu, power station, port, Sugar Loaf Islands
Yes I am a Mama, but I know that's only part of who I am. I am a creative, spiritual person with dreams and ambitions of my own that go beyond those of Motherhood. I need to reclaim "Me Time" and find my Creative Energy again, in order to help me become a whole person once more.

Boundless time along is a thing of the past, so to achieve this without failing on the Motherhood front, the focus of "Me Time" must undergo a fundamental change.

For me, "Me Time" now means:

  • finding time for Creativity in daily life
  • putting the Creativity back into my daily Mama-practice so that I can share my fun, energised self with the equally imaginative and creative Miss A
  • having the faith to say "Yes" to opportunities for Creativity and seeing where that leads ... and working out the details (or cleaning up the mess) later if need be!
  • recording and celebrating my Creativity (there's nothing like seeing a photo of something beautiful I have made but forgotten about to get me moving forward again if I become "stuck").
I'd love to use this blog as a way of connecting with a creative community again, and as a way of sharing my joy in finding my Creative Energy once more.

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